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  • Rosun Disinfectant Powder DW-1

Rosun Disinfectant Powder DW-1

25Kg/barrel, 10Kg/barrel,    1Kg/bag

    Potassium monopersulfate compound powder (new active oxygen disinfection powder for drinking water)

    Basic product information
    Main ingredients: potassium monopersulfate compound salt (2KHSO5·KHSO4·K2SO4), cooking salt, etc.
    Character: white powder
    Odor: it has no irritating odor and won’t cause the adverse body reaction
    Solubleness: solubility of 1%-3%
    Total content of active oxygen[O]: 7.0%~
    Stability: storage for 24 months at room temperature


    Rosun use special synergistic activation technology by add activator, synergist, stabilizer inside PMPS, so it is more stable, high efficacy and long lasting.

    1.Disinfection of water from water plant.
    2.Disinfection of the secondary water supply in cities.
    3.Disinfection of centralized water supply system in rural areas.
    4.Disinfection of bottled and barreled drinking water bottles, caps, filling equipment and water. 
    5.Disinfection of drinking water in disaster area.
    6.Disinfection of drinking water in water-deficient area and cellars in mountainous area.
    7.Disinfection of field operators’ drinking water.
    25Kg/barrel, 10Kg/barrel,    1Kg/bag
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