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Feminine Wash

150ml/bottle (Spray) 150ml/bottle (wash)

    Main ingredients: DP300, accompany with traditional Chinese medicines like borneol, kuh-seng, coptis chinensis, golden cypress, fructus cnidii and so on.
    Product usage:
    quick kill various common pathogens, dispel unpleasant smells, improve itch and leucorrhea uncomfortable symptom, improve the ability of the vagina to cleanse itself, maintain the balance of the vaginal microflora.

    Product features:
    1. Safe, effective bacteriostatic formula DP300, quickly kill various pathogenic bacteria for infection symptoms, such as red, swollen, fever, pain and itch.
    2.12 hours’ long-acting antibacterial, rapidly improve symptoms of peculiar smell, pruritus, abnormal leucorrhea.
    3. Maintain the microecological environment of the vagina, improve the ability of the vagina to cleanse itself.
    4.Mild and unexciting, nourish private parts skin, suitable for everyday use
    5. Fragrance smell, refreshing and pleasant
    Application range:
    1. All kinds of vaginitis (include bacterial, mycotic, trichomonas and gonococcal), adjuvant therapy of cervicitis, cervical erosion, vaginal itching, eczema and so on.
    2. Routine cleaning care for obstetrics patients before and after surgical operation.
    3. Disinfection for catheter insertion, take out and retention.
    4. Daily clean care both for male and female.

    Usage and dosage:
    1. Antibacterial care for male and female perineum: add 10ml this product into 200ml warm water, hip bath for 3-5 minutes, or directly rub vulva.
    2. Daily clean care: take proper amount of this product, dilute to clean.
    150ml/bottle (Spray) 150ml/bottle (wash)
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