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  • Skin and Hand Sanitizer (special for Surgical hand disinfect

Skin and Hand Sanitizer (special for Surgical hand disinfection)


    chlorhexidine acetate0.45%-0.50%, ethyl alcohol70%-75%, skin care factor.
    Product usage:
    efficient to kill hand intestinal pathogen, pyogenic coccus, saccharomytes and common pathogens in hospital.

    Product features:
    1.Double sterilization formula, broad-spectrum kills intestinal pathogens, pyogenic coccus, saccharomytes and common pathogenic bacteria in hospital.
    2.Unique skin care factor, deeply nourish hand skin
    3.Induction pump head, aseptic design, easy to use, health and Safe.
    4. Quick dry spray, short lasting duration, quick effect, small skin damage.
    Application range:
    applicable for hand disinfection of medical workers before and after surgical operation.

    Usage and dosage:
    follow the surgical hand washing method to wash hands and forearms, rinse with sterile water, until dry or dry with sterile towels, directly spray 3-5ml on the hands and forearms, wait for 3 minutes, rub hands until dry.
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