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  • Yikou Mouth Wash

Yikou Mouth Wash

20ml (spray) / 200ml

    Main ingredients:
    DP300, tea polyphenol, glycyrrhizin, other auxiliary components

    Product usage:
    get rid of bad breath, moist and refresh oral cavity, inhibit oral bacteria growth, prevention and treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis, decayed tooth, ulcerous stomatitis, bleeding and other oral diseases.
    Product features:
    Effective disinfection ingredient DP 300, 12 hours’ long-acting antibacterial, specialized in preventing and controlling all kinds of oral inflammations.
    Natural plant compound composition, cool and comfortable, fresh breath
    Gentle formula, selective destruction of pathogenic bacteria, protect normal bacteria, maintain the balance of oral bacteria.
    Prevention and treatment integrated, suitable for the oral care of various inpatients
    Quantitative design of bottle body, convenient and health.
    20 years’ patent protection, patent No.: ZL02133883.3
    Application range:
    applicable for gingivitis, periodontitis, dental ulcer and bad breath caused by different reasons; suitable for oral care disinfection of inpatients and personal oral health care.

    Usage and dosage:
    Patients’ oral disinfection: 15-20ml, keep in mouth for 1-3 minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening.
    Coma and cannula critical patients: use mouth gag to open patients’ mouth, use cotton ball with gargle to embrocate oral gum, tongue or mouth mucosa, or directly spray the oral cavity for 2-3 times.

    Personal oral care:
    15-20ml, keep in mouth for 1-3 minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening.
    Usage for bottle package
    Open the flusher shell, bottleneck vertically upward, squeeze the bottle; when flushing fluid reaches the bottleneck, release the pressure on the bottle, infunde flushing fluid in mouth.
    20ml (spray) / 200ml
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