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2018-01-12 --

Question 1: Is there any Potassium Monopersulfate based products international standards?
A: France Potassium monopersulfate drinking water standard(2008) No.: NF T94-309-2008
Germany Potassium monopersulfate drinking water standard(2008) No.: DIN EN 12678: 2008
United Kingdom Potassium monopersulfate drinking water standard(2008) BS EN 12678
In China ROSUN Disinfectant powder for drinking water’s product approval No. is Sichuan Wei ShuiZi(2007) No.016, enterprise standard is Q/73773237-X.11.

Question 2: what is the metabolite of “Rosun Disinfectant Powder DW-1”? What impact does it have on human body? 
A:  It has no impact on human body! The final product of Rosun Disinfectant Powder DW-1 is potassium ion and sulfate ion. The potassium ion is the beneficial element of human body and soil, and sulfate ion meets international metabolite standard...

Question 3: How about the ROSUN Disinfectant Powder’s killing effect of bacteria?
A: Fast acting-0.5% solution independently proven to kill over 99.99% bacteria, fungi and viruses in less than 5 minutes and parvovirus in less than 10 minutes.

Question 4: How long is the disinfection contact time?
A: This can be explained by CT value: Contact time(min)*The disinfectant concentrate after the contact time(mg/L).
For drinking water disinfection, there are standards that the disinfectant must contact with water for long time for completely disinfection. For disinfectants, usually must reach 30min, for ozone, must 2-5min for contact time.
That is why our description write 15-30min for the time needed, it also based on our test report: .....add product to 0.25mg/L concentration, disinfection for 15, 30, 45 minutes, At each time point were not detected Escherichia Coli.....

Question 5: Notice in first using ROSUN Disinfectant Powder
A: Fist give flush disinfection for the water treatment, usually at 1.0~1.5ppm, use for a week.
Then reduce the dosage day by day, 1.0ppm, 0.9ppm,0.8ppm 0.7ppm...if by 0.4ppm the test meet the standard but 0.3ppm can not pass, that means 0.4ppm is the right dosage for the system.

Question 6: How to prepare the disinfectant solution and how long time can be stored?
A: Must add disinfectantpowder to water, not water to disinfectant powder when dilute.
We suggest to have a tank to stir in close basin(just like the one you see in the water plant, you can make it to stir by manual work or also stir by electric propeller, the design drawing in the Fifth document I send to you), it can make the worker not complain any more and the cost is not much.
If the liquid can be used in two days, the influence will not be much.
In the Pengshan water plant, they add1kg powder to 80L water to make 1.25% concentrate liquid.You can also suggest to dilute by 1%~1.5% dilution.

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