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The Kick-off Meeting of Our Company and Channel Quickly Buil

2017-06-04 --
  • 2. The Kick-off Meeting of Our Company and Channel Quickly B
  • 2. The Kick-off Meeting of Our Company and Channel Quickly B

     On the afternoon of June 4, our cooperation conference with Channel Quickly Built—Kick-off Meeting of Rosun Civilian Market Retial Project was convened in Jinan Xiangyun Hotel. Chairman Ms. Yu Jingru, General Marketing Manager Mr. Liu Lida, Ms. Zhang Tongmei, Chief Inspector of Disinfection and Sanitation Business Unit, Mr. Cui Jichun, General Inspector of Health Business Operation Unit, Manager Wang Bo of Corporate Planning Unit, Mr. Luan Yudong, Vice Chairman of Channel Quickly Built, Chief Inspector Mr. Yan Bo, and project team members were present, and        Mr. Yan Bo of Channel Quickly Built presided over the meeting.
     At 13:30 PM, the meeting was started, and Moderator Mr. Yan Bo introduced the agenda.
     At 13:35 PM, Mr. Luan Yudong, Vice Chairman of Channel Quickly Built, and Chairman Yu Jingrun delivered the cooperation speech, and Mr. Luan Yudong introduced the project team briefly.
     At 13:45 PM, Mr. Yan Bo addressed the project initiating report, introduced the project work arrangement and milestone plan in details, including project boosting plan, project arrangement and members, and work arrangement in Phase I.
     At 14:00 PM, the Chairman Yu Jingru described the corporate situation, team architecture, future prospect or objectives from corporate development prospect, business strategic planning in three days, planning and expectation of cooperation project, ideas about dealers or agents .
     At 14:10, General Marketing Manager Mr. Liu Lida delivered the analysis report of brand and operating status, and covered Rosun brand introduction, current situation of channel layout, current situation and difficult issues of terminal operation, input-output ratio of terminal operation, confusions and issues of chain operation, and expectation of project development.
     In the end, Vice Chairman Mr. Luan Yudong of Channel Quickly Built, and Chairman Yu Jingru made the meeting summary.
     On the evening of June 4 and 5, the project team interviewed our company comprehensively and finished at 2:30 PM, June 5.
     As the first official general communication conference of members from our company and Channel Quickly Built in strategic cooperation project, the project kick-off meeting has unified the Rosun project parties’ knowledge and understanding of project tenets and objectives, laid the solid foundation for the launch of Rosun Civilian Retail Project and promotion of environmental disinfection concept to the public. Rosun is now under the mission of bringing health to millions upon millions people.

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