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Five-year Development Strategic Plan of Rosun Disinfection Powder

2013-11-20 --

   From November 18 to 20, 2013, the lecture and study of Five-year Development Strategic Plan of Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical Marketing was successfully completed in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. Chairman Ms. Yu Jingru, Vice General Manager Mr. Liu Lida, Ms. Yin Xiaofen, General Manager Assistant Mr. Zhou Baihua, and all persons responsible for marketing participated in this conference.
   During the period, all units drafted their five-year development strategic plan based on Corporate Strategic Counselor Prof. Liu Jun’s training course, and in combination with actual situation of each unit. The five-year development strategic plan relates to market sales strategies, and personnel salary, and in the end the planing, task period segmentation and implementation schemes were made after repeated discussion and application. The five-year development strategic plan has determined the strategic objective and development direction of the overall corporate development. In order to cooperate in all units’ strategies, persons responsible for each unit raised higher requirements for themselves and their personnel, hoping to better finish the unit work and contribute efforts to our achievement growth.  
    Finally, Chairman emphasized and wished that middle management should actively take the opportunity of unit conference to study and exchange, prepare work plan in combination with practical job breakdown of each unit, scheme and carry out strategic plan, and push the corporate development to a new stair.
    The successful convening of this conference had displayed the company’s five-year development strategies in front of everyone impressively and clearly, and laid the solid foundation for the overall development of the company.
    After the conclusion of the conference, the Chairman led all persons responsible for marketing to Shanxi and visited Pingyao Ancient Town and Qiao’s Grand Courtyard, and took the group photo under the inscribed board of “Connect the World (Hui Tong Tian Xia)”. To collect the essence in the world, cut through the road, orient towards the world! We are convinced that the company will develop by leaps and bounds in five years, and become more prosperous. 

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