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Warm Congratulations on Our Company Becoming Member of CWPCC

2017-03-02 --

    On March 2, Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. succeeded in passing the qualification examination of CWPCC, joined the committee and was awarded the certificate.
    CWPCC (Water Pollution Control Committee of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry) is a national industrial organization in water pollution treatment field, and is the special agency of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry in water pollution control, which is aimed to serve enterprises, industries, and governments, is committed to establishing the partnership with water control enterprises, and provides industrial services relying on technical experts.
    Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical shoulders the duty of preventing water pollution and cleaning water, adheres to the environmental mission of “making the river and land cleaners and bringing health to hundreds of millions of people”, and is devoted to sewage treatment and environmental protection. Since its establishment, it has won several environmental protection awards and certificates, becomes the member of both China Association of Environmental Protection Industry and Shanghai Disinfection Association Water Treatment Committee, and is gradually recognized as the leading enterprise in Chinese manufacturing field of environmental and high-end disinfection products.

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