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Warm Congratulations on Our “Rosun Disinfectant Powder DW-1

2012-09-29 --

    On September 29, 2012, our “Rosun Disinfectant Powder DW-1” project was comprehensively examined and approved by Promotion Center of MOHURD, was listed in Promotion Projects of 2012 National Construction Industry S&T Achievements, and awarded the certificate.
    Under the care and support of Sichuan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, West China School of Public Health, Sichuan University, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, environment and health related product safety institutes, and College of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tongji University, Rosun Disinfectant Powder DW-1is an independently developed effective and environmental active oxygen disinfectant by Disinfectant R&D Center of Chengdu Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. after the dedicated study for almost five years.
    Rosun Disinfectant Powder DW-1can resolve different water quality issues and is harmless to human and animal. It’s a new environmental compound active oxygen chemical treating agent and does not destroy the ecological environment, and its various performance and technical indexes have exceeded those of similar products abroad. It’s an ideal disinfectant for drinking water in China, and has been applied in over 200 tap water plants.
    As a high-end environmental disinfectant, Rosun Disinfectant Powder DW-1 is highly recognized and specially recommended by industrial experts, national authoritative academic institutes and relevant government departments, and is approved as active oxygen disinfectant dedicated for drinking water by national health departments. In addition, it’s listed in the new edition of Design Manual for Building Water Supply and Drainage edited by China Architecture Design and Research Group, and is designated as the dedicated disinfectant for drinking water in earthquake-stricken area by Technical Guide of Disinfection for Anti-Epidemic After Heavy Calamity.

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