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Shandong Dazhong Daily Reported the Successful Application of our Rosun Disinfectant Powder HS-1in Shandong Provincial Hospital (East)

2014-04-10 --
  • Shandong Dazhong Daily Reported the Successful Application o

On April 10, 2014, Shandong Dazhong Daily reported the successful case of Shandong Provincial Hospital applying new environmental disinfection system to treat pollution. And the disinfection product used by Shandong Provincial Hospital (East) to treat water is just our independently developed environmental disinfectant—Rosun Disinfectant Powder HS-1.
     As introduced by Director Wan of General Affairs Office of Shandong Provincial Hospital (East) and Head Ye of Jinan Environmental Monitoring Center Station, they have fully confirmed our independently researched and developed new active oxygen disinfectant—product advantage of Rosun Disinfectant Powder HS-1, and has displayed and promoted the unique advantage of Rosun Disinfectant Powder HS-1 in hospital.
     Dazhong Daily is a large comprehensive daily newspaper that is the most authoritative and instructive newspaper in Shandong, and the official newspaper of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, which has displayed the superiority of Rosun Disinfectant Powder HS-1 and strength. We are convinced that the Rosun Disinfectant Powder HS-1 will be applied to the sewage treatment of more hospitals, and promote the sewage treatment in hospitals, and our Rosun Disinfectant Powder HS-1 project will obtain better achievements.
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    Sewage Treatment is the Key of Health City Construction
    —Interview of Shandong Provincial Hospital Successfully Using New Environmental Disinfection System to Treat Pollution
     We go to hospital to see a doctor and cure diseases, but where is the hospital sewage discharged? At the crucial state of Jinan building national health city, the hospital sewage treatment and the work of building national health city are closely related. On the morning of April 1, leaders from Jinan Health Office and President Ma of Jinan Center Hospital and relevant leaders jointly visited the sewage treatment station of Shandong Provincial Hospital (East), and fully confirmed the good effect reached by new environmental disinfectant.
     Hospital sewage has its particularities. It contains enormous pathogen microorganisms, has various breeds, and is highly pathogenic, so it’s easy to cause acute and latent infection. If treated inappropriately, it will become the channel of disease spreading and transmission, seriously pollute the environment, and threaten the common people’s body health.
     How is the current actual situation? As a whole, in domestic sewage treatment stations in many hospitals, their medical waste water is always discharged before reaching the treatment standard required by national standards because of aged process, backward equipment maintenance service, and poor safety of traditional disinfection system.
     From insiders, we know most of hospital sewage is treated by traditional disinfection treatment systems, which not only consume lots of energy, but also result in the secondary environmental pollution because of the rest chlorine exceeding standard. What’s more, there are severe safety hazards during the storage of hydrochloric acid. To some degree, the sewage treatment station of hospital is like a “untime bomb”, which may explode at any time, and cause operators’ personal injuries, huge financial and personnel loss to the hospital and surrounding residents. As for the above issues, we interviewed Director Wan Xianqing, General Affairs Office of Shandong Provincial Hospital. 
     With respect to journalists’ questions, Director Wan introduced that at present, Shandong Provincial Hospital (East) has nearly 1500 sickbeds, and the designed water amount of sewage treatment station is over 1000tons daily, a large number. In the sewage treatment station, the disinfection link is the most dangerous, which has been using chlorine dioxide generator disinfection system with dangerous chemicals such as sodium chlorate and hydrochloric acid as raw materials. Such materials must be filed in public security department in accordance with relevant provisions of Management Methods of Easily Poisonous Chemicals in purchase, transportation and storage, and they require huge capital investment, and are highly corrosive, pungent and unsafe, and may cause severe personal injuries in case of inappropriate management; it’s easy to cause the secondary pollution, so dechlorinating device must be added. Aimed at above issues, the disinfection equipment was changed to new environmental disinfection system in 2012 to resolve above troubles and problems.
     Director Wan led us to visit the hospital sewage treatment station that is like a garden against flowers and trees, and meets strict national and local standards. It has prepared strict Disinfection Management Provisions, monitors the treated sewage based on requirements online, tests biochemical indexes such as COD and BOD to guarantee disinfection effect. Workers in sewage treatment station told that they have to work with safety mask because it smells bad, and is highly corrosive as a result of the evaporation of hydrochloric acid in sewage treatment station. But now, the sewage treatment station is like a garden without peculiar smell and full of flowers. We need to install guardrails to prevent patients from coming inside by mistaking it for a garden. Moreover, Director Wan introduced the new environmental disinfectant—Rosun Disinfectant Powder HS-1 produced by Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutics. Director Wan said such simple disinfectant powder can replace the previous dangerous and complex hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite, has better disinfection effect, simple operation, long service life, and is safe without harm to human body and secondary pollution. Thus, the current sewage treatment station has no foreign smell and workers don’t need safety protection. The workers opened the lid of disinfection pool and took out some disinfected water that looks transparent, colorless and tasteless. Director Wan said that it’s no doubt that the reuse of the treated water in future would be another low-cost and environmental thing.
     Based on the current situation of sewage treatment in many hospitals, we also interviewed Head Ye Xinqiang in Jinan Environment Monitoring Center Station who said: “In the earliest, the hospital adopts the chlorine in disinfection, but it’s easy to cause explosion. Because of such unsafety, the state specification has also made some provisions. Later, the hospital uses sodium hypochlorite, and then carbon dioxide. But in fact, all methods use the chlorine in disinfection. Such traditional chlorine-contained disinfection is too dangerous, and chlorine is highly corrosive to metal pipes. Hydrochloric acid is the biggest problem of chlorine dioxide disinfection, because special person are needed to perform and control its transportation, management and storage and it’s extremely dangerous. In addition, most of hospitals are in downtown, so such potential safety hazard is more concerned.
     “Such new environmental, chlorine-free and active oxygen disinfectant adopted by Shandong Provincial Hospital (East) will be a dominant development trend of hospital sewage treatment in future.” When talking about the new disinfectant, Head Ye said: “Now we advocate such safe and environmental product, and we hope there will be more such new technology and product. Only in this way, can environmental issue be radically resolved.”
     The promotion of hospital sewage standard treatment is an effective measure to quicken the step of state health city construction, improve the urban human settlement, guarantee the people’s body health, and better serve economic and social development. The standard hospital sewage treatment will promote the successful implementation of the state health city construction.

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