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Russian Aquapatent Visited our Head Office(Chengdu)

2014-12-01 --
  • Russian Aquapatent Visited our Head Office(Chengdu)
  • Russian Aquapatent Visited our Head Office(Chengdu)

      On 1st December 2014, accompanied by Mr. Jason Chin (General manager of Rosun HK) and Jet Liao(Product manager), Mr. Murashev Sergei(General manager of Aquapatent ) and Mrs. Murasheva Inna (Technical engineer) visited our head office in Chengdu.
      On the same day, Aquapatent with Mr. Jason Chin (General manager of Rosun HK), Mr. Zheng Xinggeng(Quality director) and related department personnel carried out the communication about products. During the meeting, Mr. Murashev Sergei expounded the experimental effects of Rosun Disinfection Powder SE-1 used for sewage water treatment. Under the dosage of 2ppm SE-1 sterilizing rate for sewage water reached 99.99%, which is far higher than wastewater discharge standard in Russia. Bactericidal effect of Rosun Disinfectant Powder SE-1 is highly regarded by Mr. Murashev Sergei, and he hopes to start further cooperation with Rosun soon.
     Accompanied by relevant staff, Mr. Murashev Sergei and Mrs. Murasheva Inna visited Rosun R&D center and production base, knew more about Rosun’s research, development ability and production situation. Through this meeting, it not only enhanced the market confidence of Aquapatent Company for Rosun Disinfectant Powder SE-1, but also gave a major push for Rosun Disinfectant Powder SE-1 market layout and promotion in Russia.

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