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Rosun attended Watertech India 2014

2014-09-12 --
  • Rosun attended Watertech India 2014
  • Rosun attended Watertech India 2014
  • Rosun attended Watertech India 2014
  • Rosun attended Watertech India 2014
  • Rosun attended Watertech India 2014
  • Rosun attended Watertech India 2014

     From September 10th to 12th, the Watertech India 2014 was successfully held in New Delhi, India. Rosun(HK) general manager Mr. Qin Jianyou, regional manager Jessamine Lin and Product Manager Jet Liao attended this show.
The exhibition is the India’s leading International Trade Fair for Water & Wastewater Treatment & Management, representatives from 18 provinces and district in India come to the exhibition to show their public health program. The exhibitors are from China, USA, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, over 100 companies joined the exhibition, which present the newest sewage water treatment technology and products, and provide an international platform for factories and distributors.
    Our company demonstrated water disinfection products: DW-1 for drinking water, SE-1 for sewage water and ICW-1 for industry circulating water, main ingredient of these products is potassium monopersulfate compound. Our products is a new generation active oxygen disinfectant, which is safe, eco-friendly, high-efficacy and economical and now it being widely used. Besides, due to its stability, it is easy to be transported and stored
On this show, with unique advantages of our products and specialized solutions and proactive environmental philosophy, we attracted professionals in water treatment industry to come to consult.

    During the exhibition, Rosun safe and eco-friendly disinfectant series get the attention of the Organizer and the news media’s attention. The Organizer invited Rosun product manager Jet Liao to give a speech to tell the history of the disinfectant and the development of the disinfectant. The journalist from China Xinhua News Agency gets an interview with regional manager Jessamine Lin for Rosun disinfectant policy in India market,
    After the exhibition, as a lot of company interested in Rosun safe and eco-friendly disinfectant, Rosun specially give an invest meeting in Royal Plaza hotel, Edward hall. Over 20 companies joined the meeting, during the meeting; Rosun showed the HS-1 disinfectant advantages and clear market strategy for hospital sewage water, which get high evaluation from the distributors. With the guidance of Rosun Company, the distributor get the detailed support they need when develop the market, and get to know how to cooperate in the near future. The investment meeting gets wonderful result. After the meeting, 6 companies decide to cooperate with Rosun in the near future, and 1 company decides to sign distributor agreement. 

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