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Rosun attended Aquatech China 2017

2017-06-06 --
  • Rosun attended Aquatech China 2017
  • Rosun attended Aquatech China 2017

    Aquatech China 2017 was convened in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center from June 6th—9th, Director of Rosun International Dept. Ms. Sonya Yu and Regional Manager Mr. Jet Liao attended the exhibition.
    Aquatech China is the world’s leading international exhibition for the water technology professionals; mainly include the technology and management of drinking water and waste water, providing you with a perfect gateway to the water technology market in China and Asia. 3146 exhibitors and 89,876 visitors visited the exhibition.
   Our company mainly demonstrated water disinfection products: DW-1 for drinking water and SE-1 for sewage water, the main ingredient of these two products is potassium monopersulfate compound. They are the new generation active oxygen disinfectants, which is safe, eco-friendly, high-efficacy and economical, and also it is easy to be transported and stored due to its stability, now these products have being widely used in Asia countries.
   Meanwhile, Rosun acutely aware of the future market requirements, we also demonstrated our Sea water desalination system and the membrane system, these products have excellent advantages because the shortage of fresh water and the higher water quality requirements.
With unique advantages of products and specialized solutions and proactive environmental philosophy, we attracted professionals in water treatment industry to come to consult, and collected over 50 customers from China, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa and other countries, it lay the foundation for the local market development.

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