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2018-02-09 --

Disaster relief in Yushu—Boundless love
      On April 14, 2010, the earthquake swept over Yushu relentlessly, and upon informed Rosun Disinfection Pharmaceutical carried out the rescue activity immediately, and donated a large batch of disinfectants for free to prevent and control past-disaster epidemic situation. In the face of such catastrophe, Rosun has presented not only product, but also love, the selfless love as a large enterprise.
      In 2010, Rosun donated RMB 0.15 million disinfectant to Yushu disaster area, Qinghai.

Loving heart without borders—warm people’s heart by public benefit
      In 2010, Rosun donated 5t water treatment products to Pakistan disaster area.

Ya’an earthquake—fight for life
      In 2013 Ya’an earthquake, entrusted by Prof. Xue Guangbo, president of Shanghai Disinfection Association, Rosun came to the disaster area to condole and donated disinfectants.

Combat Bird Flu—Rosun is taking action
      During the prevention of Bird Flu in 2004, Rosun donated over RMB 4 million disinfectants to all disease control centers and poultry enterprises.

Care for baby health——love for hope
      In order to prevent hand-foot-mouth disease in 2006, Rosun donated disinfectant products to many kindergartens nationwide.

Pay attention to hand-foot-mouth disease—assume responsibility for public benefit
      During the prevalence of hand-foot-mouth disease in 2005, Rosun arranged experts to Fuyang, Anhui, Shangqiu, Henan, Heze, Shandong to propagate prevention measures, and donated over RMB 1 million disinfectants.Wenchuan Earthquake—Rosun expressed concern

Wenchuan Earthquake—Rosun expressed concern
      The moment Wenchuan earthuake shook the earth, upon informed Rosun felt for the people in disaster area, and senior leaders are determined to donate disinfectants to prevent diseases and provide disaster relief to disaster area.
      “We’re concerned about disaster and epidemic situation”. Rosun became the emergent supplier of the first batch of disaster relief and epidemic prevention disinfectant designated by Sichuan Earthquake Relief and Medical Care Rescue Headquarters.
      A large numbers of military vehicles came to the production plant of Rosun Disinfectant Pharmaceutical to ship new effective disinfectant to the earthquake-stricken area.
     Rosun transported those disinfectants to the hardest-hit Mianzhu and Hanwan, and members in disease elimination and prevention team of Shandong Center of Disease Control and Prevention extended welcome.
      Rosun company delivered various disinfectants including drinking water disinfectant (Rosun Disinfectant Powder DW-1), environment surface disinfectant (Rosun Disinfectant Powder SE-1), skin disinfectant to the people in disaster area, and instructed them to use them.
      On the way, they met Jiangsu fire fighting soldiers involved in frontline of rescue and relief work, and distributed one Rosun skin disinfectant to each solider, and provide them convenient emergent disinfectant in field.
      During 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Rosun donated over RMB 6 million disinfectants and RMB 0.5 million other materials to the disaster area, and make hundreds of thousands donations.

Earthquake relief work—full of love and power
      During Xia County earthquake, Dali, Yunnan in 2009, we donated RMB 0.26 million water treatment products to Red Cross Society of China Yunnan Branch and Dali Branch.

SARS——gratuitous donations
      In the outbreak of SARS, Rosun has been fighting with frontline medical workers shoulder to shoulder. At that time, the price of many disinfectants went up, and the market was in urgent need of disinfectants. With a heart for public good, instead of raising the price, Rosun donated many disinfectants for free to control the propagation and diffusion of SARS, which won it high praises.
      During 2003 SARS, Rosun donated RMB 3.6 million disinfectants to national health and disease control centers and medical institutes.  

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